Mumbai is filled with spots for camping and adventure camps. We always plan about the weekends by the starting of the week itself, and people always love to try out different and new things each weekend. We need breaks from our monotonous and hectic urban life every now and then and have an urge to get a taste of the nature and do something adventurous, that is exactly when the idea of camping crawls in. Letting the cold air, starry night and warm fire de-stress you, re-energize you and rejuvenate you, is probably one of the best way to release all your workload. Here is a list of Top 5 places you can go camping near Mumbai :


  1. Vasind

Vasind is a very underrated town of Maharashtra located on the banks of Bhatsa River and surrounded by hills, which makes this place aesthetic. This place is only 60 kms away from Mumbai and is connected to this metro city through Vasind Railway Station and Mumbai Suburban Railway System which makes transportation smoother. This place is popular for its beautifully architectured temples and lush green hills. Vasind also provides you with the luxury of an established market, sanitation facilities, and adequate water supply among many more services and facilities. All these reasons make people fly from the hectic and crowded city to spend some time amidst nature exploring old forts and fortresses and trekking up and through the hills and the forests.


  1. Kolad

Kolad is a treat for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts and lovers, the campsite is located on the banks of the Kundalika river. During the daytime you can keep yourself engaged in activities like kayaking, boating, rafting and other adventure sports available near the campsite. If you want to keep it lo-fi you can explore the villages near the campsite and if you are more of an adventure buff then you can trek to the nearby hills and breathe in some fresh air and at the same time you can rest with enchanting views surrounding you. The beautiful night sky combined with the cool breeze and the melody of the flowing river will sooth you inside out. You can always go night trekking and engage in a campfire and enjoy in the company of your friends, family and loved ones. This trip is tailor made to fill your heart with memories and was your stress away. 


  1. Matheran

Camping in Matheran is quite the experience, it is also the most unpopulated hill station near Mumbai. This place is only a few hours away from Mumbai, is located by the Charlotte Lake and is surrounded with dense forest and waterfalls. The camp instructors will suggest you go for a DIY camping. Everything is available and provided, but you are supposed to cook your own food light your woods yourself and make your own tent. The coordinator will give you detailed instructions and information for assistance and help. You can do many things after you have finished your tenting which includes rappelling, valley crossing, and trekking and camping. This has been a major attraction for people because of it gives you the experience of a lifetime. 


  1. Rajmachi

This is one of the most popular destinations for trekking and camping near Mumbai, it is famous for the majestic Rajmachi fort. The beauty of the fort and an adventurous trek will soothe your thrill skeeing soul. For those of you who are craving delicious food and are foodies, can visit the village and have some finger licking food at Tai’s place, which serves some mouth-watering dishes that trekkers love. You can let your evening pass by setting up a campsite, campfire, starting a barbecue and welcoming the night enjoying the company of your friends or loved ones. You might just spot a shooting star if you are lucky enough. 


  1. Karnala

Karnala is a few hours away from Mumbai which can be covered by a short drive, Karnala is much loved by Mumbaikars and is considered as a destination for quick and sudden getaways and last-minute plans. It also has a bird sanctuary, you can spend some time sighting rare and exotic bird species here. For all adventure seekers, a trek to Karnala fort is strongly recommended. You will get to enjoy the waterfall in the monsoon season. Karnala gives you many options to choose from, here you can spend some peaceful and quiet time amongst the nature and also engage yourself in some fun camping activities such as bonfire and barbecue.

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