How to grow your followers on Instagram by recording Instagram Live Videos

How to grow your followers on Instagram by recording Instagram Live Videos

The mobile application Instagram is probably the fastest growing social media network and since it launched back in 2010, Instagram is visited by at least 1 billion active users per month which makes the platform as successful as Facebook. It seems that the users of the platform literally love this photo-video-sharing app because millions of people from all points of the world are online on the platform every single minute. All of this traffic that the platform receives helps us to understand why many brands and businesses should use Instagram to market themselves. 

One of the tactics of developing and maintaining a successful marketing strategy on Instagram is a feature that launched a year ago and this tool is called Instagram Live. When you use this service on Instagram you can capture a live video to your Instagram story. Your followers and profile visitors can be a part of your video and you can include other people on this live video. Your audience can also interact with your live video by posting comments or likes the video, so we can consider Instagram Live Video is a great way of engaging your audience. In fact Instagram Live Video is also an amazing way of gaining new followers and increasing your audience. In this piece of article we will speak about some practices that can help you to use Instagram Live Video in a way that will lead you to positive results such as new followers that are potential customers and lots of traffic on your account in general.

  1. Practice and create a plan before you start your Instagram Live Video. If you create a plan with ideas that you are going to speak about on your live video can really be helpful to organize your thoughts and calm your nerves. You will also be aware of how long the video will be and what type of questions you may receive. If you launch some product or service through this live video, make sure that you have everything you need on hand to avoid any potential embarrassment.

  2. Choose your purpose wisely. Before you start your Instagram Live Video you should determine the topic and the purpose you are going to speak about. This is necessary if you want to reach success and grow your followers’ count because you will be able to have control over the video and speak confidently regarding your topics. It will also help you to optimize the audience that you want to reach when recording your Live Video. However these kinds of videos are available on the accounts of the users for only 24 hours, after that they disappear. No matter this fact, Instagram Live Videos can help you a lot to grow your followers’ count, however you can still buy followers on Instagram and increase your audience easily.

  3. You should engage with the viewers of the video. Engaging with your viewers is one of the most essential parts of developing a successful marketing strategy on Instagram through hosting Instagram Live Videos on your account. You should correspond with the people that are watching your live video by answering their question or you can ask those questions as well. When you are in touch with your audience this will help you to improve your engagement rates because people love to feel value.

In this article we have collected and represented to you a few tactics that can help you to engage and increase your followers’ base by using the Live Video feature on Instagram. If you are talkative and funny by nature, let your video viewers see that. It is not a big problem if you are shy because you can use that vulnerability in your advantage. Don’t be afraid to try something new, moreover if you have some more tips or tactics to add, you can leave a comment with your opinion below and we will discuss more regarding this Instagram Live Video feature in the next article.


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