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When you go to Kullu, you certainly visit resorts in Manali. A well-known tourist area in the Beas River Valley north of Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. Also known for its glory, the town of Manali, like Kullu. There are high mountain passes, amazing high summits, and many temples and natural springs. Manali is therefore a perfect place to retire together for a weekend.


Sarthak Resorts

You can reach Apulian trees from the resort from the scenic beauty, lush green forests and paddy fields, and enchanting views from the Himalayan countryside. Sarthak Resort is an ideal place for relaxing and relaxing in the lap of nature.


Snow Valley Resorts Manali

In the charming town of Manali, surrounded by the magnificent Himalayan snow-capped mountains and luxurious green pine-wood forests, Snow Valley Resorts is an enchanting haven.


Apple Country Resorts

Apple Country Resort is a 4-star hotel near the popular tourist attractions in Manalis like the famous Mall Road and the lovely Solang Valley. The resort offers a beautiful experience in the cool mountains.


Rock Manali A Boutique

The robust Inn is on the slopes of the Manali mountains. The hotel’s location separates them from others because there is a breathtaking view around the hotel.


Apple Bud Cottages

The beautiful 3-star Apple Bud Cottages on Kanyal Road in the heart of Manali. The resort is situated near Mall Road and famous pilgrimage centers like Hadimba Temple and Manu Temple. Apple Bud cottages is a perfect place to enjoy relaxing holidays for leisure travelers, surrounded by lush green mountains.


Club Mahindra Snow Peak Manali

In the middle of the charming Apple Gardens is the Snow Sports Resort Club Mahindra. The resort has several facilities including a fitness room, a café, etc.


The Holiday Resorts and Cottages

In Manali, near the Tibetan Monastery, this 4-star property is situated. The resort is the perfect place to relax and recreate.


The Himalayan

The Himalayan overlooks the surrounding city in the center of the apple and cherry garden. A hotel is an ideal place to unwind and relax.


Solang Valley Resort

A little paradise is situated high in the clouds, far off the concrete jungle on the riverbanks of the river Beas. Avoid civilizing trappings by getting lost in the Himalayas. The hotel is located 8500 m above sea level in the Solang Valley, 8 km from Inter-State Bus Terminus.


Silmog Garden

Simon offers a fast, high-quality gesture of genuine hospitality. The atmosphere of Simon is calm, friendly, and homelike, equivalent to the standard and quality of all luxury resorts in Manali.


Span Resort and Spa

A flight from the cry of urban life, which concentrates our minds, cures our bodies, and awakens our minds to the few wonders of life. By the warmth of light, the spirit is rejuvenated…


Johnson Lodge & Spa

Johnson Lodge is a 2-minute walk from the mall and near all of the local sights surrounded by a garden with magnolia and thick pine trees, with a view of thick woods and snow-capped peaks.


Manuallaya The Resort & Spa

Legend says: Almighty’s guidelines have been a great upheaval. The shape of the evil earth itself has changed. Torrential rain flooded her. All but Noah is immersed in it (the prophet of Jews, Christians, and Muslims). After the 7 day trial, a calm came and landed in a picturesque green valley in the middle of the freshly risen Himalayas. Over the years Manuallaya, Manu Peak, was the name of this valley. In the beautiful picturesque Manu Valley and the start of life is the Resort Spa in the Himalayas. The Himalayan resort spa.


The Highland Park

A beautiful area of the beasts, a wide array of mountain areas, acres of apple trees, wild boats, and a lush, green valley. This resort is 8000 m2 of pure natural beauty.


Gezellig Inn

A few kilometers away from the popular Parashar Lake, Tree Hill Cottage is located, a little further away from Manali’s noisy town, 13 kilometers from Solang Valley. The resort is located in a quiet part of the vibrant town of Manali.


Manali Treehouse Cottages

TreeHouse Cottage is located in Kattran in the Manali district. TreeHouse Cottage offers three rooms with fruit orchards and sweet aromatic flowers, in different types of cottage. The constant view from the Himalayan cottages makes this place a pleasure.

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