Steps to rent a car cheaply in Panama


To travel to Panama it is best to rent a car. In this way you can move around countless tourist destinations without having to follow someone else’s itineraries. This way you will also avoid the inconveniences of traveling by bus or taxis, such as having to travel with strangers, having to work to transport your luggage, having to suffer from crowds at bus stations, etc. Traveling by taxi, in addition to being more expensive, does not give you enough freedom, since it will only serve you for relatively short journeys.

If you want to rent a cheaper car in Panama, follow the following tips:

– Travel in a low season of tourism: traveling in low season is better since in these seasons the prices are much lower. The good time to travel is in the months of September to November, which coincides with the rainy season.
– Select a small car, a compact: These cars are usually much cheaper and will also give you the safety and comfort you need for your journey.

– Compare the prices of the different companies: it is best to spend some time reviewing the prices of the different companies on the internet. Check the prices for the season you are going to travel, as prices vary from season to season. The prices that appear on the page may only be those of the current season, so you should make sure to select the dates that coincide with your trip.

– Check the reviews of other users: in travel forums, on the rental company page and on social networks you will find useful information about the company’s rates as well as the quality of its services

– Select the insurance and accessories you need: In Panama it is mandatory in liability insurance, the others are optional. If you want a cheap car rental, it is best to opt only for Liability Insurance, however, this can be risky in case of accidents. We leave it to your consideration. On the other hand, choose only those accessories that you are going to use or that are really useful for you. GPS for example is one of the accessories that you should not miss.

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